With the holidays upon us, there is a lot of excitement in the air. Then, on January 1, as the festivities end, I usually feel like there is a long time for the next thing to look forward to.  Valentine’s Day? I’m single. President’s Day? I definitely don’t get that day off anymore, now that I’m a grown up. Then I remember…spring! And along with the new season comes new spring 2013 fashion trends!

One 2013 spring trend that is being seen on the runways is the peek-a-boo trend. This trend involves anything with cutouts that show off a “peek” of skin. It can be exposed skin, or a cut-out with sheer, see-through material over it. What I love about this trend is that it can flatter any body type, because designers are strategically placing these cut-outs to make us all look gorgeous.

For example, the gorgeous gray Badgley Mischka dress (below) has a sheer lace overlay in an upside-down triangle on the chest. This dress is truly elegant. The cut-out is sophisticated, fashionable, and classy, yet its placement is unexpected and fun. I also love their purple-gray dress (also below) that kind of cascades down and looks so classically beautiful, yet has a diamond shape at the chest…way to make a gown current with an unexpected cut-out.

Victoria Beckham is another designer having fun with the cut-out trend. This form-fitting spaghetti dress (below) has a little triangle cut-out at the top of the ribcage, a small but flattering and modern accent. As for the black ensemble (also below), I love the checkered peek-a-boo panel at the chest. It makes for a fresh, 2013 twist on the standard black shirt-black skirt, but without giving too much away. Good job, Posh.

Of course, here at Orchid Boutique, we love to compare clothing fashion trends to swimsuit fashion trends. And there is definitely some peek-a-boo action going on this spring in swimsuit fashion! Let’s take a look at Deep Ocean Treasure monokini by Mar De Rosas. This suit has that elegant air to it, with jewels along the deep V in the center. This V goes down to just above the belly button, so skin is shown, but pooch is covered! A subtle print also flatters the body. A classy way to do the peek-a-boo trend!

A second chance to peek-a-boo: the high-waisted style. The Dark Orchid Bikini by Malai, an Orchid Boutique exclusive, is a great choice. A demure shade of blue and a high waist make this suit subtle yet sexy. My favorite detail on this suit is the mesh triangle panel at the cleavage. In this suit, you’re still leaving plenty to the imagination!

If you’d like to try the cut-out trend in a more vibrant color, consider the Gold Macrame Monokini, also by Mar De Rosas. With shades of orange and plum in a fun print, and great macramé braided detail, this piece shows a little more skin and is a little flashier. This is a great choice for having fun with the cut-out trend. It’s definitely eye-catching, so be ready to flirt in this suit!

I’m looking forward to seeing more of what spring 2013 fashion has to offer. Keep your eyes peeled to Orchid Boutique for the latest trends in swimwear!


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