Spring Break Essentials

Spring break mode is on (at least in my mind) and I’ve been daydreaming about where I will be travelling during that time. But first thing’s first, what am I taking? Is my wardrobe ready for spring break? What do I really need to take there? I admit that I’m not a light traveler but I’m working on simplifying my packing. With the High Summer launches by Agua Bendita and OndadeMar just to name a few, I think it is safe to say that you will find a bikini that will take your breath away, one of those items you know you need to have or else you will lose your peace of mind. Enough with the rambling, let’s get to the list of spring break essentials:


1. An amazing Bikini

Let’s start by the obvious, there’s no point on going on spring break unless you can flaunt an awesome bikini around. If you want some recommendations checkout the New Arrivals section on our website. We’ve rounded up all the new goodies in this section, so out with the old and in with the new! It is the perfect time to go bikinis shopping since most brands are launching their high summer collections.

2. A Chic One piece

The idea that one-piece swimuits is for more mature women is a thing of the past, they couldn’t be trendier right now! There’s a style for everyone and will help you look “effortless chic”. This essential can’t be left at home this spring break. If you need another reason to wear a one piece, let’s think about comfort. If you have any sports related activities planned sometimes it’s safer to go for the one piece if you don’t want anything hanging loose.



3. Beach Cover up

Am I the only one who doesn’t necessarily want to show off her body all day, every day? Let’s face it we all have insecurities and a cover up is the most stylish way to hide them. Plus they help you go from a beach setting to a less casual setting like a hotel restaurant or if you’re feeling touristy and don’t want to be walking around in a bikini.



4. Easy-to-carry bag

I am practicing the “travel light” mantra but that doesn’t mean I don’t need my stuff. And by stuff I mean a towel, sunglasses, sunblock, tanning lotion, a hat, shorts, cover-up, skin and hair essentials, make-up, wallet…. You get the deal. What a better place to have all of my “essentials” than a carry-all bag. A girl needs her things and since we want to take as many pictures as we can of our vacations, we need some help to look as fabulous as possible.


5. All-purpose Maxi Dress

If you’re going to a tropical destination, a maxi dress is your go to piece. It acts as a cover-up, and helps transition smoothly from day to night if you want to go partying or to a nice restaurant. It’ll help you look nicer than just wearing shorts or a cover-up. I personally love maxi dresses because you look dressed up with no extra effort and they’re super comfy!


Ana Lopez

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