Spring is here and it’s one of the most gorgeous seasons of the year. The brisk winds are blowing, the skies are cloudless and the sun shines just enough to give us our daily dose of Vitamin D. Although those are great reasons why you should love spring, you can’t forget about the amazing styles and trends that come with the season.

Taylor swift was recently spotted wearing a light crochet sweater during a shopping trip. Crochet is the perfect style for the light weather that spring brings. It’s not too warm, but still exposes a little skin. It can be worn on so many different styles from tops to cover-ups to swimsuits. Also, let’s face it: it’s just fun!

Even though floral is an obvious spring trend, it’s paired with newer trends every year, so it never looks the same. Kate Bosworth was photographed looking very cool in a floral tank-top dress that she paired with a military jacket, Ray-bans and rubber boots. Floral isn’t just a print, it can also be a design on lace, which looks really gorgeous on a beach cover-up or swimsuit.

Wide-brim hats are the next newest trend this season. Finally, we don’t have to wait for the Kentucky Derby to get our fabulous-hat fix! The best thing about this trend is it makes any outfit look fancy, even if you’re just lying on the beach. JLo rocked a wide-brim hat recently with her new beau, Casper Smart, on her arm. We aren’t sure which we like better, the man or the hat, but for now we’ll settle for the hat.

White apparel is the final trend, and one of our favorites! It’s great for outfits that are worn from day to night and looks amazing against all skin colors. Anne Hathaway wore a white lace dress to her movie premiere for One Day and looked completely timeless. White is a shade that you can get away with wearing most of the year, whether you’re at the office or at the beach.


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