Straight out of the ’80s: This is Our High Cut Bikini Selection for this Summer

If you’re one of those who think all past time was better, you’ll certainly love the retro vibes on the new swimsuit trend. Yes, sir! The 80s and 90s are back! And that sexy Baywatch look is going to be everywhere this summer. Along with tiny sunglasses and oversized shoulder pads, high-cut swimsuits come back to redefine sexy and classy.

In case you haven’t, I suggest you check our blog on “High Cut Swimsuits: How to Wear Them”, to get some extra piece of advice that helps you decide if this style is the right one for you. However, if you’re totally crushing about that frong, hope this blog provides some inspiration for you to just get it right away.

Here some of our favorite picks:


MAYLANA Barb Ipanema One Piece



One of our cutest pieces this season is the Barb one-piece featuring Ipanema tropical print by Maylana Swimwear. The feminine frills and conservative appearance of this swimsuit are perfectly combined with the spicy touch of the high cut. Looks like highbrow is the new sexy! Just for the uninitiated, that means the line that appears on the upper part of your tight when you sit or kneel.


AGUA BENDITA Cotton Candy Sandy One Piece



This swimsuit reminds us of one of the many reasons why high cuts are so amazing: There’s one out there for everyone. From a really provocative frong to a more Barbie-like style, is up to you how much skin you’d like to share with the world. For example, this one-piece swimsuit features a delicate style with laced details at sides and a beautiful floral pattern with embroidery details. Shine out in all the flirty princes’ vibes of this bandeau by Agua Bendita Swimwear.


MAYLANA Janeiro Pop Ribbed Bottom



From one-piece swimsuits to all-timer bottoms, the tong will not be missed in our selection of high cut bikinis. Janeiro bottom features this time a textured print and a really skimpy look that will make you stand out in the crowd. This stunning silhouette, reversible to solid fuchsia, is also available in Golden Ribbed print and tropical patterns as Sierra, Nakuru, and Ipanema  (check them out).


MAYLANA Kim Nakuru One Piece



Kim one piece embodies the classic Baywatch look. Its high cut adds up to a Brazilian bikini bottom, deep back and cleavage to complete the fashionable design of this one-piece by Maylana Swimwear. The tropical print provides an even more funky vibe to the classic silhouette that got incredible popularity after many celebrities like Beyoncé, Niky Minaj and Katty Perry started to pull it off. Sure, Pam Anderson is always going to be the pioneer, but for some millennials, this style is better recognized as Miley Cyrus’signature or a maybe as Khloé Kardashian’s gym clothing.


MAYLANA Marly Sierra Bottom



If you’re going for a retro, comfortable and sexy look. Marly bottom will be there for you. This piece features a flattering high waist structure that accentuates the vintage vibe you’re looking for. Besides, its tropical print can be reversed to solid mustard; it’s like two pieces in one! You can see the magic of high cut swimsuits in items like this; I mean, you get a subtle spicy touch staying as covered as you want to. How awesome is that?


We know that high cut swimsuits have been mostly recommended for hour-glass shapes. But hey! Confidence is the sexiest of the outfits, so we certainly believe that anyone can pull off one of these. You’ll find a wide variety of prints and silhouettes for you to choose from, so there you go, girl! Feel free to pick the high cut bikini that adapts the most to that 80’s look you’re looking for.

Ethel Gomez

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