Summer is half way over.. I know it’s super depressing. But why not end this summer with a bang? If you haven’t planned a summer vacay or need to have one last “hoorah” with your friends, the best and probably cheapest advice I can give you is planning a fun road trip. Whether you’re packing a swimsuit or snow boots, road trips have brought some of the best memories to my life and I want everyone else to have that same experience. Ladies take notes.

Maps and Apps: I know it sounds very romantic to think about dramatically hoping in your car for a carefree and spontaneous road trip with no specific destination, but I’ll only assume you feel that way because you’ve never been lost! In reality, you can’t have a road trip if you don’t know where you’re going, so before anyone leaves for a long summer drive make you have the proper directions and road apps The map-quest app on my phone is literally my life saver and I highly recommend it for anyone taking a long road trip…ever.

Music: The best part of pre-road trip preparation is the planning your music. I love to carry a theme with anything that I do, so try to make some classic genre playlists for the car. My personal favorite, 80’s pop is always a good one! Who doesn’t want to listen to Madonna’s “Like a prayer” with their best friends? Exactly my point.  Here’s a tip, try to appoint someone in your group to be in charge of the music. It takes a lot of pressure of you when someone else can DJ the road trip. Just saying.

Snacks: Mmmm… food. I can’t go anywhere with out some goodies to entertain my mouth with. To be a good sport, make sure you pack some share friendly foods that all can enjoy.  Dry foods without any mess are ideal. Don’t be “that friend” who makes a mess everywhere they go. Trail mix and potato chips are my personal faves for traveling.

Books: I love a great summer read, and a long relaxing drive is the perfect place to catch up on some “me time” with a good book.

Your Swimsuit: A swimsuit is one of the most annoying things NOT to have when you need it. Maybe you’ll wear it, maybe you won’t but I wouldn’t recommend any summer road trip without your bikini and beach hat.  It’s better to be safe then sorry.

Day to night dress: As an essential for ANY trip you take whether by road or air, a must have for your suitcase is day-to-night dress. Choose something simple and comfortable that can we worn casually during the say with sandals and transform into a sexy evening dress with a pair of heels and red lipstick.

Camera: Documenting your special moments with friends are the best memories to create. Sharing your pics on Instagram, Facbook and Twitter are a given, but if you want to try a little vintage fun, buy an old school Polaroid camera for the car! Everyone can snap photos of each other, sign and date them. Those images will feel more personal making your trip that much more enjoyable

Your Best Friends: No road trip is complete without your best friends to share it with. <3




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