We can hardly discuss designer swimwear without talking about a pair of silky smooth legs to complement your suit! So we want to know, ladies: how to you get your legs beach-ready? Are you the type who uses shaving gel and disposable? Do you go in for a professional waxing? Got an electric razor? We want to know!

We especially want to hear from you if you’ve ever tried any of the more off-beat methods. One of our bloggers used a certain well-known cream that dissolves hair, but decided after a few uses that she just couldn’t stand the smell anymore! And those gloves that supposedly just wipe the hair away when you wear them and rub your legs – do those things actually work?

Lady Lux Swimwera - Speechless Purple Bikini
Speechless Purple Bandeau by Lady Lux Swimwear

Share your leg maintenance stories in our comments! And although we’re not necessarily asking about other parts of your body, you can dish out your other hair removal stories if you like (just keep it clean, please!).


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