Swimwear Styles – From Brazilian Bottoms to Thong Bottoms

When you’re shopping for your latest swimwear style, many women forget the importance of the right swimwear bottom. Many women underestimate how certain swimwear bottoms really accentuate their shape. Whether you’re shopping for a full coverage bottom or a Brazilian bikini, the swimsuit bottom style holds a lot more weight than you realize.

Check out our definitive guide to which styles you should be buying as we take a look at the bikini bottom breakdown.


Brazilian Cut Bikinis


Brazilian cut bikinis and swimsuits are essentially suits that are narrower in the back than moderate or full coverage bottoms. The term “Brazilian cut” came about since it was in Brazil that this cut originated, but is now widely popular in Latin America and in many parts of Europe. This swimsuit cut is also referred to as the “latin cut” or narrow cut. Brazilian cut bikinis are also commonly low rise in the front and a bit smaller than others. We at Orchid Boutique believe the age old adage that if you got it, flaunt it, honey.

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Moderate Bottom

 A bottom that combines traditional cut with sex appeal! Not too full and not too Brazilian. The perfect in between for a selective style.

This type of Bottom is the ideal choice for all those women which want to feel confident with a modest and discrete coverage, but still want to be a little risky, a little flirty. Also for those girls that, little by little, are losing shyness at the moment to go on vacations. Move from a full coverage to a Brazilian cut may be a very abrupt change, that’s why a moderate coverage will help you to make the transition more easily. Quite useful indeed!

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Full Coverage Bottom


Full coverage swimsuit bottoms provide complete coverage of your rear. A suit with a full coverage bottom is perfect for a subtle yet sexy beachwear look and is available in an array of styles, from bikini to hipster and high waist. Perfect for those who want to hide the sometimes unflattering lower buttocks area. Wearing full coverage bottom is a great way to achieve a sexy and flattering fit that is super comfortable, super slimming and never goes out of style!

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High Waisted Bikinis


High waisted bikinis have become all the rage in the last couple of years with the comeback of pinup flair and have become a staple of fashion when it comes to beachwear. A high waisted swimsuit is in essence a bottom that comes up to the belly button area instead of sitting lower in the waist. Apart from its fashionable style, high waisted bikinis serve as a great look to hide unflattering imperfections of lower abdomen flab.

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Hipster-Boyshort Bottoms

Hipster bottoms are essentially short shorts or boyshorts for bikinis.  This usually means the bottoms are low rise and provide full coverage in the rear. These style of bottoms can be a very sexy way to wear a bikini while at the same time covering the not so flattering areas. The good thing about boyshorts in swimsuits is that they work for women of all sizes.

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Skirty Bottoms

Skirted bikinis have a fun and feminine vibe, and can be found in ruffle trim or full on skirty style. A skirted swimsuit can be ideal to hide the sometimes unflattering lower buttocks area with bottoms that provide full coverage. We suggest going with a triangle top when shopping for a skirted swimsuit. The 50s inspired skirted fashion especially in the swimwear industry has become the ultimate must have trend for this year.

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String Bottoms

String bikini bottoms are a sexy style that, believe or not, has many versions. You can shop, find, and buy string bottoms with thin strings, tie sides bikinis, drawstrings, or hipster bottoms with ties at the thigh area. String bikini bottoms are usually low rise and come in moderate and Brazilian cuts. The lovely thing about designer string bikini bottoms is that you can adjust the fit by tightening the strings, often letting you set your preference more comfortably than traditional bottoms.

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