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2013 bikini

  • Pair Paradizia’s Rhapsodia bikini with Lover’s and Friends Sunkissed Pink Dress (: Flirty and unique. Visit us online at www.theorchidboutique.com or in store at 224 8th st Miami Beach, FL View Post
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    Paisley Prints – the new hot thing

    We’ve been carrying SABZ Swimwear since Orchid Boutique was in diapers. The brand is known by our customers as the affordable line that has chic silhouettes and romantic prints. It’s always great to have that go-to brand that will give you a trendy bikini while meeting your budget. The SABZ 2013 collection continued with their […] View Post
  • I literally celebrated when this berry fringe bikini was unpacked in our warehouse. I ran around the office and tried it on over my clothes at least three times. Bravo, L*Space Swimwear, bravo. The fit is impeccable and the color is SO CUTE! I’ll admit I’m not normally the kind of girl that likes wearing […] View Post