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2013 swimwear

  • | mayra

    Honeymoon Bikini Jitters!

    Now that the wedding jitters are over, it’s time to think about the honeymoon! Think Caribbean, Hawaii, Fiji, and many other wonderful honeymoon destinations. While choosing the perfect dress is a big moment for the bride, why shouldn’t choosing the special bikini for your honeymoon be just as big? Every bride wants to make sure […] View Post
  • | mayra

    MAIO Swim by L*Space – Loved By All!

    The response to L*Space Swimwear’s new brand, MAIO Swim, has been amazing. The line is due to hit our shelves in December, but there is already a huge buzz going on for the collection! The MAIO Swim lover (there seem to be more than we thought!) wants a feminine, luxurious feel in her fabrics paired […] View Post
  • Malai Swimwear has grown up so much since last season and I’m excited to see the brand become the most fabulous version of itself. They added padded tops to their 2013 swimwear and really upped their game with prints and silhouettes. As always, I find pure joy in sharing my favorite styles with you and […] View Post
  • The fabulous 2013 L*Space Swimwear styles strutted down the runway in July, giving everyone a taste of the future glorious-ness we were going to experience. As we wait for the spring season to approach, these styles will start making their appearance for pre-orders. Yay! The new L*Space collection touches a variety of trends, some of […] View Post
  • I have been counting down the days for my 3-day Labor Day weekend. I’ve been picturing two fantastic days by the pool, sipping on a delicious margarita. Naturally, I imagine myself to be wearing a fabulous swimsuit (it’s kind of a must when you work in swimwear!) Sounds like the perfect time to get a […] View Post
  • I love to see the L*Space Swimwear models prance around in the 2013 bikinis. We are excited to share the exclusive behind the scenes video for the 2013 L*space swimwear collection. The images we share on our website with you are straight from this video. Pretty awesome if I do say so myself! I’m probably […] View Post