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  •   Bikini: Luli Fama Agua Siren Beach Hat: Mar y Sol Lily Braided Hat Luli Fama just released a few new pieces just in the time for the summer! Check them out. View Post
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    Behind the Scenes: Luli Fama Swimwear

    Born in Cuba and raised in Miami, Florida, Lourdes “Luli” Hanimian has always aspired to become an innovator in the fashion industry. Growing up with the beaches of Miami at her doorstep, it is not surprising that Luli developed a keen interest in swimwear. Luli and her brother-in-law Augusto Hanimian are the joint creative forces […] View Post
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    Style of the Day – Santa Baby

    Swimsuit Top: Luli Fama swimwear Mermaid Goddess Bikini Swimsuit Bottom: Luli Fama swimwear Pure Passion Bikini Happy holidays, everyone! View Post
  • Day TWO of the 2014 Orchid Boutique video shoot! We came back to the studio pumped up and ready to rock today. Although the air conditioning was still an issue (good thing we’re modeling swimwear rather than parkas), we managed to brave through the heat and come up kickin’. Some of our favorites are being […] View Post
  • The Library of Congress may be closed, but we’re checking Luli Fama out anyway. That’s right people, we are beyond thrilled to announce that our 2014 Luli Fama swimwear line is in! For those of you who don’t know why we are so excited, Luli Fama Swimwear incorporates an eclectic mix of vibrant hues and […] View Post