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Acacia Swimwear 2015

  •   With all the hype lately surrounding Acacia Swimwear, from the MBFW runway show, to a gaggle of celebs rocking the brand, we’re here to tell you the hype is definitely warranted. Introducing Acacia Swimwear 2015, a sexy and unique swimwear brand inspired by the love of travel and exotic tropical getaways from Acacia designers Naomi […] View Post
  • You heard it here first ladies: it’s your Orchid Boutique exclusive on two of the hottest swimwear brands that have made a splash (quite literally) this Swim Week 2015 at the ultra chic Soho Beach Beach House on July 20, 2014. The 2015 collections of Lolli Swim and Acacia Swimwear were unveiled in a show fit […] View Post