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  • | Ethel Gomez

    Valentine's Day Inspo: Why to Wear a Crop Top?

    Easy peasy! You should wear a crop top swimsuit for your Valentine's date because it's utterly flattering. The efficient design of these bikini tops puts in best light almost every body shape and size. On (bikini) top of that, these sexy fashion pieces can be paired in tons of combinations to create all kinds of outfits. View Post
  •     As we’ve already told you, Maaji released a new line of women’s activewear and we are so excited for it. They really hit the nail on the head in the trendy workout clothes department. We couldn’t be more thrilled to rock their styles and patterns to our next yoga class. Don’t think we’ve […] View Post
  • Get ready to have all of your athletic minds blown — Maaji swimwear has officially released a brand new line of functional activewear and yoga clothes for women! Maaji, everyone’s favorite Colombian-based swimwear brand, has officially dipped their toes in the activewear pond, and boy do their styles rock. Once again, Maaji has brought couture […] View Post
  • Happppppppy NEW YEAR! We hope you had a wonderful holiday, and a great time welcoming in 2015. For a lot of us, the new year brings a time for introspection and awareness, especially if that involves our bodies: what we put into them, how we work them out, what we put ON them. But before […] View Post