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  • | Ethel Gomez

    Solid Two-Pieces: Timeless and Classy

    In a world of evergreen florals and all-timer stripes filling up the shops and boutiques; solid prints are the refreshing balm that unifies styles and joins with versatility every imaginable outfit. Simply put,   we love solids in all its variations!  And of course we love two-piece bikinis so this blog is meant to show you our latest crushes from our top-notch designers. View Post
  • | Ethel Gomez

    Let your wild side loose in animal prints

    Rrrr! Hisssss. Meow. From big cats to sultry snakes, animal prints are a must-have this season. And animal print bikinis are no exception. A bold and beautiful swimwear choice, prints like leopard and snake bring out primal instincts and add to your already-honed fashion sense. View Post
  • | Ana Lopez

    This Week’s Featured Swimsuit Style: Underwire Tops

    Every woman needs a little support in her life, but where to get it?  Ideally, support comes in the form of a George Clooney look-a-like that knows his way around the kitchen and never forgets to send flowers.  But, failing the ever-impossible perfect man, we suggest an underwire swimsuit. View Post
  • | Ana Lopez

    Top 10 Women’s Swimwear Trends of 2018

    With the new year upon us this week, we can’t help but feel nostalgic about this past year. Every year we come across new swim trends and 2018 was no exception. Here are our top 10 swim trends which you will see everywhere, but you heard them here first. View Post
  • | Ana Lopez

    How to Make the Most Out of your Swimwear

    Its official bikini, season is here and with that comes the stressful planning of beach outfits and how to make them Instagram worthy. Living anywhere that has seasons means you only get a few months to wear your bikinis, one pieces, cover ups, sandals and most of us don’t really get to have as many […] View Post
  • | Ana Lopez

    What’s In Your Spring Break Beach Bag?

    Spring Break has officially kicked off in South Florida, and we’re gearing up for a wave of college kids to invade our streets and enjoy the heat. Sometimes it’s hard for us to imagine that many other states are knee-deep in snow and sleet, but here in Miami we’re on the beach already […] View Post
  • | Daniela Ortega

    Which Type of Swimsuit Flatters Your Body?

    We live in a world where every swimsuit model appears to have the perfect body.  For the rest of us, curves really do exist.  With so many different types of swimwear styles out there, it can be intimidating to decide what style would be most flattering to your very unique body.  What looks amazing on your bestie […] View Post
  • | Jaime Olaya

    Agua Bendita Wild Orchestra 2017 Collection

    There’s a brand that never fails to impress me and Agua Bendita 2017 Collection is not the exception. WILD ORCHESTRA is a collection that is inspired by the diverse vegetation of the Colombian jungle. This season, they amazed us with the huge variety of styles they launched that can easily flatter every body type and please every […] View Post