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balconet bikini

  • Work it Girl! Kelly Osborne was recently spotted looking happy and confident while on a sunny trip to Australia to promote the women’s magazine “Cleo”.  During her trip I couldn’t help but notice 1) Her incredible body transformation, and 2) Her colorful Tropical Beat bikini by Seafolly Swimwear that looked absolutely AMAZE-Ballz on her. Seafolly Swimwear in particular […] View Post
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    Style of the Day! Mountain Princess

    Style of the Day! Don’t ask me why this outfit reminds me of standing at the top of the mountain and owning it for a full 10 seconds, but it does. Also, my imagination is wild and it’s beer Friday at the office. Regardless, enjoy this look, ladies. The bright yellow kaftan will have you […] View Post
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    Paisley Prints – the new hot thing

    We’ve been carrying SABZ Swimwear since Orchid Boutique was in diapers. The brand is known by our customers as the affordable line that has chic silhouettes and romantic prints. It’s always great to have that go-to brand that will give you a trendy bikini while meeting your budget. The SABZ 2013 collection continued with their […] View Post