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  • | Ana Lopez

    Spring Break Essentials

    Spring break mode is on (at least in my mind) and I’ve been daydreaming about where I will be travelling during that time. But first thing’s first, what am I taking? Is my wardrobe ready for spring break? What do I really need to take there? I admit that I’m not a light traveler but […] View Post
  • | Maria Lapeira

    Mixing and Matching: Endless possibilities

    My years of experience in the online shopping world have taught me that I have a shopping problem: I WANT IT ALL. Has that ever happened to you? You go to your favorite website, and realize that you might as well put everything on your cart because you want, and NEED everything. But let’s face, […] View Post
  • | mayra

    Style of the Day – Fiesta Cay

      Swimsuit Top: Maaji Lemon Cay Swimsuit Bottom: Maaji Daylight Aquarium Resort wear: Mar De Rosas Fiesta Monokini View Post