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  • Macrame: the handcrafted “it” trend

    Don’t be scared or feel out of date if you don’t recognize the name MACRAME, it’s a new trend. Macrame bikinis will be one of the hottest trends during this coming swim season. I’m here to snitch some of the cool stuff that this trend brings to you. Do you see that woven knots […] View Post
  • Maylana Swimwear 2018

    Maylana is a new brand created exclusively by the owner of our site with YOU in mind. For now, it will be sold exclusively at Orchid Boutique and our Maylana Swim site. Maylana, designed by co-founder Mayra Jimenez, was created with the customer in mind, after almost a decade of owning a multi-brand store, which […] View Post
  • Maaji Swimwear 2017 collection: Sunny Dream Inn

    Every brand has a different story to tell. This year, Maaji Swimwear is no exception. It tells story inspired in a magical surreal world. The collection is breathtakingly amazing, along with new stunning fabrics featuring all kinds of prints. They can go from fruits and leaves, to whimsical prints we’ve never seen before and I seriously […] View Post