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beaded bikinis

  • | mayra

    Maui: no color left behind

    While everyone else at the beach blends in with the crown in their simple, single color bikinis- Maui girls stand out. These bright, beaded bikinis are nothing to be shy about. They are a work of art, just as the fab girl who wears them- so flaunt it! By embracing color and mixing sequins and […] View Post
  • Malai Swimwear has grown up so much since last season and I’m excited to see the brand become the most fabulous version of itself. They added padded tops to their 2013 swimwear and really upped their game with prints and silhouettes. As always, I find pure joy in sharing my favorite styles with you and […] View Post
  • Oh Heidi. And to think you wanted to increase your cup size to an “H” for Heidi. What can we say? It’s reminiscent of Coco, Ice-T’s wife. Even though it is quite a beautiful swimsuit, the problem lies in that we can’t see much outside of the two friends below your neck. Staring right at […] View Post