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  • It’s no lie that a lot of people are desperate to be in a committed relationship. The security, the love, the companionship. We get it. It seems ideal…..right?   But wait! We seem to forget that being in a relationship can sometimes be worse than being single! All the extra baggage that comes along with […] View Post
  • Do you ever wake up and wonder, what is like to be Beyoncé? What would my day consist of if I could sing, dance, act, perform like a rockstar, be a wife, be loved by millions, be a style icon, and just all around be amazing? I think about this everyday but unfortunately, it leads […] View Post
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    Navy blue: Ahoy Captain Chic!

    Celebrities like Beyonce, Carrie Underwood and Nicole Kidman have been spotted wearing a very trendy color for next season, navy blue. We love the sailor-inspired style this trend brings to designer swimwear. Beyonce wore this gorgeous navy blue dress to the launch of her new perfume “Heat”. She (or her stylist, we’re not sure) chose […] View Post