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  • | Ana Lopez

    Top 20 monokinis for 2020

    Its always summer somewhere, so we need to be in constant search for the perfect swimsuit. Search no more, the monokini is the 'It' piece, the perfect middle ground between sexy and boring. Here are our top 20 monokini picks, we've made it easy for you, just pick one and you wont be disappointed for sure. View Post
  • | Ana Lopez

    7 Superfoods to get your Body Bikini Ready

    Spring break is around the corner and we all want to be in shape to look our best in our bikinis. After all the holiday binge eating, I’m terrified of even going near the scale. One thing I know is that the best step towards starting a healthy lifestyle is changing your diet. If the […] View Post
  • It’s about to be cruise season ladies…cruises or winter vacations to ditch the cold and welcome the tropics. It’s that time of the year when the clothes come off and our brazilian bikini insecurities are on full display after months of being hidden underneath sweaters and fall coats.  But I know I’m not the only one […] View Post
  • | Ana Lopez

    The Orchid Boutique’s Top Picks for Summer Snacks (All Bikini-Body Friendly)!

    So, we’ve been talking about how the summer brings incredible opportunities to flaunt your new bikini swimwear and maybe even some of our new beach accessories, but what we haven’t talked about is all the temptation that accompanies these next few months. The heat is on, the humidity is kickin, so all you want are ice […] View Post
  • | mayra

    The Organic Plastic Surgeon

    I’m sure that after all of that Holiday turkey and pumpkin pie you’re wondering how you will ever get your body back into bikini shape.  For starters, don’t even think about rewarding yourself with a trip to the plastic surgeons table as a Christmas Gift. This year try to focus on “self”, meaning mind, body […] View Post
  • Rawrrr…Perhaps it was the rampant rumors of indiscretions by hubby Ashton Kutcher, or maybe she just felt like flaunting her hot self to the world that day. At any rate, Demi Moore feasts the Twitterworld’s eyes with a fantastic self-photographed portrait of her bikini body. Can you believe this woman is in her 40s? It’s […] View Post
  • It’s Katharine McPhee in a bikini. The American Idol alumn poses for the cover of Shape Magazine and says of her new figure: “I am in the best shape of my life!” We are very proud of Kat’s new bikini body and congratulate the star on her successful recovery from a previous eating disorder. She […] View Post
  • New Year’s is a time for renewal: to shake off the past and look forward to the future. And, it’s time to make those New Year’s resolutions! (Including the one where we resolve to keep all of our resolutions this year!) This year, make a resolution to get the swimsuit body you deserve and show […] View Post