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bikini history

  • Animal prints are hot, hot, HOT in swimwear 2010 this year! You can find luxury swimwear in leopard print, tiger stripes, or even snakeskin print – whatever your animal fancy, swimwear designers are happy to provide (and so are we). Animal print swimsuits were first seen in the 1950s. It was quite a revolution! Swimsuits […] View Post
  • Test your knowledge with The Orchid Boutique’s swimwear quiz! We’ve created this 10-question quiz all about swimsuits and swimwear. Good luck! No cheating! [QUIZZIN 1] How’d you do? When you’re all done, tell us what surprised you in the comments! View Post
  • What does the word “bikini” mean, anyway? Does “bi” stand for “two” and “kini” stand for piece? You might think so (we certainly did!), but it’s not true at all. The word “bikini” comes from the name of a Micronesian island named Bikini Atoll. And the bikini wasn’t even invented there – it was invented […] View Post