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  •   LSpace Swimwear has been gaining a fan base for quite some time now and it’s probably because they are on the cutting edge of all things swimwear. In the past 11 years, LSpace designer Monica Wise has emerged as a leading creator of sleek, trendy swimwear. Inspired by the world’s most exotic beaches and […] View Post
  • I recently stopped by our super chic store in SOBE on an extra hot day. Normally, hot days on the beach are slow because people choose life over death from dehydration. As the sales associate and I lamented over the store’s lonely status, a woman walked in and said, “Oh my God, I’m so glad […] View Post
  • Style of the day! Stay on trend with this classic little black bikini (LBB)! It’s all about the subtle gold hardware details. Throw in some color with The Collection’s inca dress!  Seen Here:  Bikini: Adia Black Bikini by L*Space Dress: Inca Dress by The Collection Visit Us! 224 8th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139 or online […] View Post
  • Emma Stone, hilarious movie actress, is on the cover of W Magazine this month! And it’s not necessarily what the public would expect an Emma Stone magazine cover to look like. Mostly known for her sweet, hilarious characters in movies and in public appearances, she takes on more of a vixen look here. Her cover […] View Post
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    The Secrets of Malai Swimwear

    Malai Swimwear is not just one of our unique, exclusive brands. They are also a brand with a few of select styles that are “full of secrets.” (If you’re a mean girls fan, you can hear the whisper.) Their collection this year has definitely evolved with their immense attention to detail and ability to surprise […] View Post
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    Being a Red Hot Miami Heat Fan

    I am probably one of the biggest Miami Heat fans you will ever meet. But I am not a new ‘Big 3’ Heat fan. I call those band wagon fans. I also call them fair weather fans because they normally only like the Heat when they are at the top of their game. Even though […] View Post
  • I personally love Mila Kunis’ look. She’s tiny with dark hair and piercing blue eyes – she’s practically like a doll! Though I’m sure Ashton Kutcher is her #1 fan, Mila has converted me since seeing her Esquire Magazine cover. If possible, she set that photo shoot on fire with her sexiness. The photo shoot […] View Post
  • Whether you’re a mother yourself, looking towards motherhood, or beyond your children’s baby years, we all can appreciate the post-baby weight loss battle. It’s certainly tougher for some, but celebrities aren’t immune to pregnancy weight gain and cravings. As we take a look at these celebrities post-baby bikini bodies we’ll find out what they consider […] View Post