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  • | Ana Lopez

    The Complete Beginners Guide to Online Shopping for Swimwear: 9 Tips for Online Swimsuit Shopping

    Swimsuit season is coming up and we all need new bikinis. Online shopping is still considered a mystery for some; while others just find it natural to go shopping for almost everything online. When it comes to clothing it can be very tricky deciding if something will be good for you in terms of sizing, […] View Post
  • | mayra

    How to Get Him to Pop the Question

    How exactly do you get him to propose? Wear your L*Space Cozumel Bikini all day err’day. End of Blog. Kidding! Actually, a bralette top shot would probably do the trick. BUT, let’s spread some more info your way. We’ve all been in those relationships where we wonder “what’s next?” For some, the engagement itch begins.  It […] View Post