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  • | Ana Lopez

    OndadeMar remains at the top in 2018

    OndadeMar remains at the top this year with one of their sophisticated one piece swimsuits worn by Kim Catrall, aka Samantha Jones, as seen in the Sex-n-the-City movie. Among the lasting impressions of OndadeMar 2009 items are their signature latin-cut suits, paisley prints, and gold-tone beading, which stand out as the leading swimwear trends for 2009. As always, […] View Post
  • | Ana Lopez

    First Lady Fashion: The Swimsuit Edition

    Here at The Orchid Boutique, we are huge fans of Michelle Obama (come on, this woman wears everything from Target to Jason Wu and all of it looks fabulous on her!). But only once has she been seen in swimwear, and she was almost totally covered with a towel. So we got to thinking, if […] View Post
  • Everybody’s talking about women in politics, and now that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has been nominated to run as Vice President for the Republican party, the issue that Clinton pioneered is more relevant than ever. The idea of a woman in the White House is certainly alluring to many of us, but even more alluring, […] View Post