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  • | Ana Lopez

    Best Swimsuit Trends for 2018

    Once upon a time the year 2018 seemed to be miles away, well it’s finally here and it is loaded with amazing new swimwear styles for everyone. We’ve lined up the most outstanding  2018 swimwear trends  so you can keep up with some of your 2016 resolutions of switching up your style. I know one of […] View Post
  • | Daniela Ortega

    Hottest 2018 Swimwear : Trends that are always In Style

    With the winter season starting most of us can’t help but reminisce about those sunny days of the past. Fortunately, sunny days are never a thing of the past in Miami! In an effort to bring some warmth to this chilly season let’s take a look at the hottest 2016 swimwear pieces you’l l find […] View Post
  • | mayra

    Color Trends & L*Space Swimwear

    I am absolutely obsessed with L*Space Swimwear right now. The fringe bikinis are out of control hot this season. Many of these styles have been seen on Rhianna, Ashley Tisdale and Cameron Diaz. L*Space truly fits women with any body type, as well as age, and look fabulous! From hipster to bright bikini bottoms, the styles […] View Post