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  • It’s about to be cruise season ladies…cruises or winter vacations to ditch the cold and welcome the tropics. It’s that time of the year when the clothes come off and our brazilian bikini insecurities are on full display after months of being hidden underneath sweaters and fall coats.  But I know I’m not the only one […] View Post
  • Running is intense. More intense than sifting through the pages of our 2014 PilyQ collection and actually making a decision on which sexy swimsuit you want. It can be tough on your body as well as your mind. Some people won’t even attempt running as a form of exercise because they already mentally convince themselves […] View Post
  • Working in swimwear can be a little…BUSY, and here at the Orchid Boutique we are always looking for new ways to let loose. I’m sure all of you Miami locals can relate to the insanity of this city! Though I am a loyal Miami girl (305 ‘till I die!), sometimes it feels good to disconnect […] View Post