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    A Designer Look at Greenpacha Hats

    About Greenpacha hats were created to help build a greener and better world through conscientious fashion. They believe that fashion is an artistic form of expressions that must include quality items that are themselves derived from art and beauty. Pacha means “times” in the Inca language, so Greenpacha stands for green times. Greenpacha is driven […] View Post
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    Mar Y Sol: Beach Accessories Made Easy

    Great news, ladies! This year we are welcoming a fabulous accessories brand known as Mar Y Sol. This delectably fun brand is the answer to all of our beach accessory needs. From beach bags, to clutches, to hats, you can’t go wrong with all that this brand has to offer. The unique details, vibrant colors […] View Post
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    New Arrivals: Greenpacha

    The Orchid Boutique is proud to introduce our newest accessory brand Greenpacha. This Ecuadorian brand brings a new flavor and flare to our headdress assortment and offers beautiful hats that will fit anyone’s personal style.  Their styled fashion is pulled from an artistic form of expression that includes quality items derived from art and beauty. […] View Post
  • Brrr!… Nothing says winter like mojitos on South Beach and 80° weather, right? Well, maybe not for the rest of the country, but here in the Miami our climate is pretty much void of seasonal changes (and we like it that way too!)  Our eternal sunshine qualifies us experts at staying bronzed, beautiful, & most importantly tan line […] View Post
  • The Orchid Boutique will be hosting a trunk show showcasing our fabulous hats and cover-ups during the Mother’s Day Brunch at the Tudor House this Sunday, May 13th! This delicious event will be hosted by the Food Network’s Iron Chef winner, Geoffrey Zakarian, as well as Tudor House’s Executive Chef Jamie Derosa, who is considered […] View Post
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    Our biggest news yet…brace yourself!

    This is something we’ve all been anticipating and we’re excited to share the news with you first. Make sure to set this address in your GPS: 224 8th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139 and label this location as ‘Favorite Boutique’ because we’re elated to announce the opening of our first brick-and-mortar location. After five successful […] View Post