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  • L*Space Swimwear has branched out their amazing aesthetic to two more sister brands, Maio and The Collection. The Collection is their long awaited line of beachwear that is full of beach cover ups, sarongs and flowy pants. Though this is a whole new ball game for them, L*Space still stays true to themselves by using […] View Post
  • The fringe innovator, L*Space Swimwear, continues to blow us away with its high-quality swimwear and cutting-edge trends. During their runway show at the Raleigh Hotel, they showcased their new 2013 fringe colors, including mint green, citrus orange, vivid red and many more trendy shades. You definitely won’t be seeing the same stuff from L*Space. They […] View Post
  • It looks like Christmas came early because the Orchid Boutique’s South Beach location has been given an AMAZING opportunity. L*Space Swimwear has established an exclusive partnership with our bricks-and-mortar location to showcase a number of their California-inspired 2013 designs before the styles even hit the runway for swim week. From Thursday, July 19th through Friday, […] View Post