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  • | Natalia

    Dream Catchin’ with Luli Fama 2016

    We’ve got your exclusive scoop on all things Swim Week 2015, so you can bet that Orchid Boutique will be your #1 source for an insider’s look into the Luli Fama 2016 collection. Luli Fama always brings it when it comes to their sassy swimsuit designs and Swim Week presentations, so you can bet that […] View Post
  • If you live in the fashion world (or anywhere near it) you are very aware that this weekend is a BIG DEAL for Miami and fashion and people who love Miami and fashion. Ah, yes.  Swimweek 2015:  A time for vendors, buyers, and aficionados across the world to gather and discuss what we all know and love […] View Post
  • Let’s talk sunscreen.  If this little bottle of liquid force-field isn’t your fav beach bag accessory, you should consider re-organizing your beaching priorities.  Not only is it a must-have for you to maintain your healthy summer glow, but it’s absolutely vital to keeping your skin beautiful and looking younger for longer.  We love to haul […] View Post
  • The 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition was officially released today, and we could not be more stoked to see some Orchid Boutique Swimwear that made the cut. Some of our most popular brands such as Agua Bendita, Maaji Swimwear, Acacia, and Beach Bunny made the cut in the most coveted magazine edition in our industry. […] View Post
  • Last night was the 2015 Grammy Awards as I’m sure you’ve already heard or watched for yourself. Personally, the Grammy awards are a bit long for me, but I do have some top highlights along with the Top 8 outfits of the evening. I can’t help but love when fashion and music collide in a […] View Post
  • It was officially revealed last night that the covergirl for the 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is none other than supermodel Hannah Davis! That’s right! The wildly beautiful model has earned one of the top honors in the fashion biz as the official covergirl of the 2015 SI Swim Edition. We can see above, Davis is […] View Post
  •   Attention fashion followers, the 2015 Luli Fama collection is officially here and we are SUPER STOKED to bring it to you in full force. We saw some amazing designs from Miami Swim Week and were patiently waiting to get our hands on the actual collection itself. Now, finally, the wait is over, and it looks just […] View Post
  • Normally, people equate Sundays with the end of a weekend that was all too short. Yet this weekend we equated Sunday with one of the hottest swimwear collections of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim– Luli Fama 2015. Last year, this collection showcased some wild dancing before the show, but some phenomenal swimwear just after, […] View Post