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  • | Ana Lopez

    Gals, It’s Time to Buy Your Guy Some New Men’s Swimwear

    Ladies, I know we’ve all had this problem. Your gorgeous guy keeps wearing the same old swim trunks day-in-and-day-out and you’re getting fed up. We don’t blame you! Why is it that you spend hundreds of dollars looking ferociously fab in your new bikinis, but your guy doesn’t care? It’s time to step up his […] View Post
  • | mayra

    5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Lovie

    In case you didn’t know, $10 OVERNIGHT SHIPPING! Get your Valentine’s Day orders by Monday if you order today, Tuesday if you order this weekend. Now, back to the blog…… With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we wanted to extend a favor your way in case you’ve completely forgotten about the holiday and are […] View Post
  •   Upon first glance of this men’s swimwear brand, you’ll immediately feast your eyes upon the vibrant colors and patterns woven into the trunks. This is the epitome of Crasqi Swimwear. Unlike any other men’s swimwear brand out there, Crasqi shows just how electric men’s trunks can be. I know we always talk about women’s […] View Post
  •   Bikini top: Maaji Caleidoscope Lime Bikini bottom:  Orchid Label Teeny Blake Sunflower Men’s Swimwear: Maaji Citrus Cockatoo Trunks View Post