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  • | Ethel Gomez

    AGUA BENDITA Now Offering Plus Size Models in its 2019 Collection

    Agua Bendita the Colombian based brand known for its wild prints and hand-made details just launched its latest collection which includes Plus size styles for the first time. I'm certain that Agua Bendita's new collection for this summer will take you out of this never-ending dilemma. Agua Bendit... View Post
  • | Ana Lopez

    Maylana Swimwear 2018

    Maylana is a new brand created exclusively by the owner of our site with YOU in mind. For now, it will be sold exclusively at Orchid Boutique and our Maylana Swim site. Maylana, designed by co-founder Mayra Jimenez, was created with the customer in mind, after almost a decade of owning a multi-brand store, which […] View Post
  • | Jaime Olaya

    Maaji Swimwear 2017 collection: Sunny Dream Inn

    Every brand has a different story to tell. This year, Maaji Swimwear is no exception. It tells story inspired in a magical surreal world. The collection is breathtakingly amazing, along with new stunning fabrics featuring all kinds of prints. They can go from fruits and leaves, to whimsical prints we’ve never seen before and I seriously […] View Post
  • | Jaime Olaya

    Agua Bendita Wild Orchestra 2017 Collection

    There’s a brand that never fails to impress me and Agua Bendita 2017 Collection is not the exception. WILD ORCHESTRA is a collection that is inspired by the diverse vegetation of the Colombian jungle. This season, they amazed us with the huge variety of styles they launched that can easily flatter every body type and please every […] View Post
  • | Ana Lopez

    Orchid Boutique Films a Rap Video in the Name of Brazilian Bikinis

    Alright guys, so we have some news. Orchid Boutique filmed a rap video recently in the name of company culture, and of course Brazilian bikinis. That’s right, kids, your favorite online swimwear boutique has joined the ranks of the greats, like Vanilla Ice, J.J. Fab, and Run DMC and filmed one of the […] View Post
  •   We all shop online.  When you shop with us, it’s our goal to make sure it’s an enjoyable experience from beginning to end.  Although we are serious about giving you the number one customer service in the world and the highest quality swimwear and resort wear out there, we don’t really take ourselves that […] View Post
  • Welcome, welcome to a one-of-a-kind shopping experience in Orchid Boutique’s Miami, Florida showroom. Since moving from our South Beach location, we have set up shop in the ever-changing heart of Downtown Miami, directly neighboring the Adrienne Arsht Center. We are thrilled to have our showroom smack dab in the middle of our corporate offices for a more “hands-on” […] View Post
  • | Ana Lopez

    Orchid Boutique Sweet Swimsuit 16 Tournament

    It’s March Madness time and what that usually means for us girls is a lot of basketball and a lot of bracket-talk. The NCAA Championships are in full swing with the Sweet 16 bracket choices in place. But, here at Orchid Boutique, we’re tired of letting the boys have all the fun. It’s time to […] View Post