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  • Style of the Day- These styles can do no wrong in the world of Fashion and Swimwear!  Top (upper left): Leilani Seafoam bikini by Orchid Label Top (bottom right): Hunter Paprika Monique by L*Space Bottom: Sour Popsicles tankini by Maaji  Necklace: Marfil Necklace by Lolindo  Visit Us: 224 8th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139 or online at www.theorchidboutique.com! View Post
  • Damsels in distress, move over! The new 2011 Maaji swimwear collection (debuting this November), “Flying Tales”, is for powerful princess-types to save themselves from the dragon and win their true love’s heart. It’s a sexy line of womens swimwear that calls back to your childhood fantasies, so that you can wear a swimsuit that reminds […] View Post
  • We understand most people don’t have personal stylists like our favorite swimsuit-wearing celebrities. But that doesn’t mean your swimsuit style has to suffer! We understand it can be daunting to find a swimsuit because there are so many things you have to consider: coverage, cut, color, chicness. That’s why on our new site we’ve taken […] View Post