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  • | Ana Lopez

    Shopping Sexy Swimsuits on a Budget

    You know that feeling you get when you find an amazing deal at The Orchid Boutique, and when it arrives you hold that sexy swimsuit up to the sky like Rafiki holding Simba in The Lion King? Pride, people. Most do not expect to find these two words in cahoots with one another—fashion and […] View Post
  • | Ana Lopez

    Sexy Swimsuits Unite: What’s Your Vacation Personality?

    With Labor Day upon us this weekend, we decided to take it back to the beach again for a quick personality test. Don’t pack away your sexy swimsuits just yet. Maybe this test will inspire you to book a trip pronto and live out your dreams. Is your vacation personality being stifled by your everyday life? […] View Post
  • Spring Break, oh glorious spring break. It’s time to take a beautiful break this Spring with your closest girlfriends. South Florida will soon be abuzz with college kids galore, flaunting their latest sexy bikini in the golden sand and sun. But, when you think Spring Break, do you really think bronze skin and happy-go-lucky students? […] View Post
  • | Ana Lopez

    PilyQ Swimwear: Vive la Vida in Sexy Swimsuits

    By now, we’re sure you’ve been reading all of our designer spotlight blogs with such fervor that it’s consumed each and every workday. So why not add some more fuel to that fashion fire, and bring you the 2015 PilyQ Swimwear collection. Feast your eye on their HOTTEST designs yet. PilyQ is the most creative, […] View Post
  • Jennifer Lawrence has swiftly become America’s girl-next-door. Not only is she awkwardly sweet and humble, but her genuine attitude and sense of humor set her apart from the rest of the celebrity culture. The media craze for “MORE J.LAW” has been at an all time high as of lately. The world almost combusted after she […] View Post
  • | Ana Lopez

    There are Health Benefits to Drinking Coffee? Tell Me More….

    I love coffee. Every day before I dive right into  the world of sexy swimsuits, I make sure to brew a quick cup. Also, whenever I talk to people about my love of coffee, I feel like little hearts are floating above my head. And then when I hear somebody say “you know, I’m not really […] View Post
  • Guys, it’s officially the first day of fall today. We’re having some conflicted feelings about this. It’s bittersweet, this official fall declaration because this means  your swimwear won’t be so readily accessible. But, on the plus side, this does mean that all off your resortwear favorites will move to the front of your closet. So, […] View Post
  •   Mix and match these adorably trendy color-block bow bikinis by Orchid Label Swimwear. View Post