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  • | Ana Lopez

    Sexy Swimsuits Unite: What’s Your Vacation Personality?

    With Labor Day upon us this weekend, we decided to take it back to the beach again for a quick personality test. Don’t pack away your sexy swimsuits just yet. Maybe this test will inspire you to book a trip pronto and live out your dreams. Is your vacation personality being stifled by your everyday life? […] View Post
  • | Daniela Ortega

    A GIF Guide to Orchid Boutique’s Favorite Christmas Traditions

    Christmas is tomorrow. Officially. All the hoopla and build-up, and it’s finally here. The Orchid BTQ headquarters are closing early today, but not before we brought to you our final Christmas blog of the 2014 season. Christmas is chock full of traditions, both family and friend alike. Some of our favorite traditions are only […] View Post
  •   By now, we all should know how terrible tanning beds are for your bod. Especially with Spring Break 2015 right around the corner, remember that you don’t need to lay in a tanning bed to look sexy in your sexy swimwear. The alarming reality is that you’re tripling your risk of melanoma (the most deadly […] View Post
  •   With all the hype lately surrounding Acacia Swimwear, from the MBFW runway show, to a gaggle of celebs rocking the brand, we’re here to tell you the hype is definitely warranted. Introducing Acacia Swimwear 2015, a sexy and unique swimwear brand inspired by the love of travel and exotic tropical getaways from Acacia designers Naomi […] View Post
  • By now, we’re sure you’ve been reading all of our designer spotlight blogs with such fervor that it’s consumed each and every workday. So why not add some more fuel to that fashion fire, and bring you the 2015 PilyQ Swimwear collection. Feast your eye on their HOTTEST designs yet. PilyQ is the most creative, […] View Post
  • Halloween is officially upon us and we couldn’t be more excited. Now we know you’d rather be lounging poolside in your resort wear with a nice cold beverage rather than feel the temperature take a dip, however, we may have the answer for your monokini blues. The first step? Embrace autumn. Think pumpkins, falling leaves, vibrant […] View Post
  •   Introducing CA by Vitamin A Swimwear—the new collection of bikinis and beachwear to rock your socks this 2015 summer season. CA is a new style remix: Cutting-edge Cali cool with a dash of global street-style culture. It’s the bad-girl beauty with salt water in her messy waves, a slash of liquid eyeliner, and a wicked smile […] View Post
  • Jennifer Lawrence has swiftly become America’s girl-next-door. Not only is she awkwardly sweet and humble, but her genuine attitude and sense of humor set her apart from the rest of the celebrity culture. The media craze for “MORE J.LAW” has been at an all time high as of lately. The world almost combusted after she […] View Post