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  • | Ana Lopez

    Vegan Foods that You Had No Idea Were Vegan

    The days of picking on your vegan friend are over. No more cracks about Birkenstocks and bean sprouts despite the fact their vegan bikini bod is two piece swimsuit ready year-round. Vegetarians and vegans alike deserve our praise! Full time veganism or vegetarianism isn’t for everyone. But incorporating it into your diet every so often […] View Post
  • There’s a new brand in town taking over the swimwear game. That’s right, we said it. There is a brand coming up through the style ranks, starting to turn some heads with the fierce animal print designs and chic fit trends. We’re talking about our exclusive line Orchid Label, and since today marks the official […] View Post
  •   The U.S. Open is coming to a close, and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading our Top Tennis Hotties blog as much as we have enjoyed writing it. And looking at it. Over….and over. But now it’s time to get back into the world of fashion. That’s right. This month is going to be chock […] View Post
  • | Ana Lopez

    Best Sunday Brunch Spots in Miami – Swimwear Probably Not Allowed

    Brunch. We love it and can’t live without it. Breakfast will always be my favorite meal of the day, so when there is a meal like brunch which allows me to sleep in, drink unlimited mimosas, and eat all of my favorite foods, how can I not celebrate it every weekend? (Sidenote: I don’t, but […] View Post
  • | Ana Lopez

    The Clearest Waters in the World to Rock Your Sexy Swimwear

    Summer means many different things for different people. For some, it involves that welcomed break from long semesters at school, for others is means taking that tropical vacation you’ve planned since the coldest winter days. For us, it is officially the season to showcase your sexy swimwear whether on the beach of in your own […] View Post
  • | Ana Lopez

    5 Tips for Making a Long Distance Relationship Work

    Long distance relationships are becoming more and more common these days. Whether it’s for a career, or school, the younger generation is on the move which makes staying in a committed relationship much more difficult. Personally, I’ve been in a long distance relationship twice and boy were they HARD WORK. It’s not easy to keep […] View Post
  • | Ana Lopez

    Top Summer Hairstyles to Match Your Sexy Swimwear

    When we think of summertime, we think day trips to the beach, frolicking in our new sexy swimwear, or long nights out with friends dancing away the heat. It’s very rare that we may initially attribute summertime with new hairdos. But believe me, when the humidity and temperatures rise, you’ll be looking for a way […] View Post
  • | Ana Lopez

    Top 5 Health Habits to Establish Right Now

    Let’s talk about habits. Some people equate a habit with a negative connotation. Like something you need to break. When you think habit, your mind might automatically go to smoking, biting nails, picking your nose, or compulsive shopping for women’s swimwear. (Not sure if that last one is a bad habit..butttttt anyway….) What if we […] View Post