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  • | Ethel Gomez

    Brazillian Swimsuits: Defined

    Brazilian swimsuit is a sexy swimwear piece with a narrow-cut at the back, it was first created in Latin America. As this name represents a special type of coverage, it applies to a broad variety of designs. In order to vanish the most common doubts about Brazilian cut bottoms, we’ve decided to make our stance clear with a perfect model: Bruna Bottom by Maylana Swimwear!! View Post
  • | Ethel Gomez

    How Old Is Too Old To Wear A Bikini?

    When it comes to luxury swimwear, rather than age, the main consideration must be the attitude. Back are the days of body shaming and blind obeisance to youth and thinness. We’re lucky to live in a modern, interconnected world where feeling confident about our bodies is the sexiest asset.  So be it a sexy triangle top or a crop-top, the only limits to wear two-piece swimsuits are between your ears. View Post
  • | Ethel Gomez

    How to wear a high cut swimsuit?

    From fully-covered legs to designer bikinis, fashion trends evolve and make epic comebacks every season. High cut swimsuit bottoms and one-pieces are quite the rage in social media and if you haven’t tried them yet, it’s the perfect time to take the leap. The main considerations when it comes to wearing high cut swimwear are a comfortable fit, rise, and print. View Post
  • | Ethel Gomez

    What is the Difference between Brazilian Cut and Cheeky Swimsuits?

    The difference between cheeky and Brazilian is one of the most confusing aspects of the swimwear world. These popular bikini trends are similar in many aspects; both display a sexy vibe and are ideal for tanning. However, a cheeky bottom provides more coverage than a Brazilian thong, it also has a particular triangle shape at the rear that it’s key to tell them apart. View Post
  • | Ethel Gomez

    Top 20 Black Friday Bikini and Swimwear Deals! Don’t Miss Out on These Steals!

    Thanksgiving is here, and after a fancy family dinner (roasted turkey and mashed potatoes included) there’s nothing better than some black Friday shopping. Here’s the good news: You won’t have to wait another minute! The Orchid Boutique has the best Black Friday bikinis and swimwear deals! The craziest swimwear promos are just a click away. View Post
  • | Ethel Gomez

    Feeling Beachy for Halloween?  Swimwear Costumes might be just right for you

    If you like Halloween, you’ve probably picked out your costume by July, the wig is bought and the parties are already scheduled. However, if you’re as obsessed about Halloween as we are, you‘ll never stop looking for that stunning combination that will make you stand out from the crowd.  So, in case you haven’t asked yourself the question yet, here’s a game-changer: How about using swimsuits to complement your outfit? The plus is that you get to DIY and then have a designer swimsuit in your closet! View Post
  • | Ana Lopez

    The Guide To The Top One Piece Swimsuits For 2020

    Before heading out to a one piece swimsuit shopping adventure, first and foremost, we need to understand each bikini style and body type. Getting schooled in one piece swimsuit jargon will help us astutely buy a bathing suit that will highlight the areas of our figure we are most confident about and enhance others as well [...] View Post
  • | Jaime Olaya

    Maaji Swimwear 2017 collection: Sunny Dream Inn

    Every brand has a different story to tell. This year, Maaji Swimwear is no exception. It tells story inspired in a magical surreal world. The collection is breathtakingly amazing, along with new stunning fabrics featuring all kinds of prints. They can go from fruits and leaves, to whimsical prints we’ve never seen before and I seriously […] View Post