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  • | Ana Lopez

    Shopping Sexy Swimsuits on a Budget

    You know that feeling you get when you find an amazing deal at The Orchid Boutique, and when it arrives you hold that sexy swimsuit up to the sky like Rafiki holding Simba in The Lion King? Pride, people. Most do not expect to find these two words in cahoots with one another—fashion and […] View Post
  • | Ana Lopez

    Affordable Bikinis From Your Favorite Designers

    It’s a great time to be fans of the Orchid Boutique, predominantly because of the cheap bikinis we have floating about. That’s right, we have deeply discounted a majority of our 2018 collection and that means up to 25% off some of the hottest bathing suits of the season. We don’t normally like […] View Post
  • | Daniela Ortega

    A GIF Guide to Orchid Boutique’s Favorite Christmas Traditions

    Christmas is tomorrow. Officially. All the hoopla and build-up, and it’s finally here. The Orchid BTQ headquarters are closing early today, but not before we brought to you our final Christmas blog of the 2014 season. Christmas is chock full of traditions, both family and friend alike. Some of our favorite traditions are only […] View Post
  • | Ana Lopez

    Sad Signs Summer is Officially Ending: Our Two Piece Swimsuits are Devastated, Too

    We’re bummed. Really freakin’ bummed. Why? Because summer is almost officially over which means for many of you, your two piece swimsuits has to find it’s home in your closet for the winter. It’s like when your best friend goes on vacation…..out of the country……for months on end. What-ever will we do? But fear not, […] View Post
  • | mayra


    As a professional shopper (self-proclaimed), my number one mission is to find designer items for a great price. I live for that rush that I get when I feel like I just stole something, but didn’t! No jail time, necessary. And what kind of friend would I be if I only kept that feeling […] View Post
  • With the Fall season in full swing we are receiving new arrival items each week for the 2012 swimwear season. We have to make room for all of the new swimsuit styles which means doubly good news for you – new 2012 swimwear styles and clearance items (marked down even more) to make room for […] View Post
  • Stripes are HUGE this season. Whether it’s vertical, horizontal, thick, or thin – stylista’s around the globe are dressing to impress with this bold print. Another huge trend? Anything one shoulder, and we may have Kim Kardashian to thank for that. The Palermo Green Monokini by Sabz Swimwear is a unique one-piece swimsuit that oozes […] View Post
  • | mayra

    Betsey Johnson Swimsuits On Sale!

    Here at the Orchid Boutique, we know most swimsuit-loving fashionistas strive for three things: luxury, labels, and sales. So why not indulge yourself in all three? All of our Betsey Johnson swimsuits are on clearance right now. This means you can get a designer you – and we – love at a cost that no […] View Post