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  • Top 5 Swim Trends for Spring Break 2018

    Spring Break is finally here and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s finally time to forget about the cold and go somewhere warm, somewhere with a pool or a beach nearby. We want to help you decide what style to choose so you can feel amazing during your spring break.  We have reviewed our immense ... View Post
  • OndadeMar remains at the top in 2018

    OndadeMar remains at the top this year with one of their sophisticated one piece swimsuits worn by Kim Catrall, aka Samantha Jones, as seen in the Sex-n-the-City movie. Among the lasting impressions of OndadeMar 2009 items are their signature latin-cut suits, paisley prints, and gold-tone beading, which stand out as the leading swimwear trends for 2009. As always, […] View Post
  • A Brief History of Swimwear – How did we get from the flannel gown to the modern day Brazilian Bikini

      Swimwear has been part of our everyday life since the beginning of time. It has evolved over time from long-sleeved dresses to the two-piece swimsuit or ‘bikini.’  This evolution has not been an easy creating major controversy along the way. Today we consider swimwear an essential part of our l... View Post