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  • My top 10 color block bikinis!

    So I was planning this trip with a few of my closest friends to the Bahamas. We booked the flight, hotel, and rental car. Of course our hotel was right next to their GORGEOUS beach. Well, a week, before the trip my bestie came over to help me pack. Girls, you know how it is […] View Post
  •   The truth is what is classy and sophisticated  never goes out of style. Just take a look at these two models, the first from 1940 and the second from 2017, 77 years of difference but they both look amazing in high waisted swimsuits. Now a great question , literally a lifetime has passed between […] View Post
  • Macrame: the handcrafted “it” trend

    Don’t be scared or feel out of date if you don’t recognize the name MACRAME, it’s a new trend. Macrame bikinis will be one of the hottest trends during this coming swim season. I’m here to snitch some of the cool stuff that this trend brings to you. Do you see that woven knots […] View Post