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  • Last night White Sands Swimwear blew their audience away at the Raleigh Hotel with their 2013 collection of feminine pastel swimsuits and luxury pieces with subtle shimmering. The line definitely showed love to pastel pink while occasionally mixing it with black prints. One of my favorite looks was a two piece swimsuit that had a […] View Post
  • A very private and cozy screening-slash-fashion-show was held at the Raleigh Hotel’s penthouse suite by White Sands. The Australian brand designed by brilliant Leah Madden is shock-full of fashion swimwear. Presenting high-waisted swimsuits combined with underwire brazierre style tops, the show sizzled. Because it was so intimate, you could see every single detail. Some photographers […] View Post
  • The Australian brand White Sands Swimwear made its American debut with this stunning 2010 collection on Saturday, July 18. This exclusive swimwear and resortwear line is one of the most fashion-forward collections to come out of Australia yet. This year’s collection featured Caribbean-inspired themes from designer Leah Madden. These couture looks feature soft-to-the-touch Lycra in […] View Post