Teri Hatcher in a Vix bikini

We at The Orchid Boutique are strong believers of the old adage that women, like wine, get better with age. That’s why we admire Teri Hatcher. A woman over 40 with a body like that? Totally something to stand behind. That’s why we were particularly cheerful to see her in a bathing suit playing volleyball in California last week. The green suit she wore from Vix Swimwear is fantastic. We love the color and think it kind of suits her.

Tortoise tie bikini by Vix

Our pick for her though, going with the green theme, would be the Tortoise Tie bikini by Vix. It has the same bright color, made by the same designer, yet adorned with chic tortoise embellishments at mid bust and string ties. Kinda gives it a bit of an oomph to a green bikini while keeping the solid look going. We prefer the string tie and triangle top to the “Bia” look she has going because, let’s face it, the girl is rail thin! A string bottom we believe, would give her more definition and shape to her waist and rear, and the brazilian cut bottom is something she can totally pull off. As opposed to the full coverage bottom she has on in the picture, which, without seing her from behind assume it’s a bit droopy. That’s how slender she is.

Tortoise Tie Bikini has a brazilian cut rear

So Teri, if you’re reading this, we recommend you go with the string bikini instead! Kudos on choosing Vix though, flawless.

Green is a great Spring color! A green bikini was featured by OK Magazine recently, citing us as the # 1 place to get it at.


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