We have all had those mornings. You struggle to begin your day. Everything is moving in slow motion. Nothing is fitting right and the clock doesn’t stop for any wardrobe hesitation. Before you know it, your makeup isn’t done and you need to decide whether it is worth having your co-workers see you with out makeup!  Ever heard the phrase bare-face-scare-face?  I know it sounds easier to throw on a floppy beach hat to cover your face, but luckily for you, us girls at the Orchid Boutique have come up with the 5 minute face. Simple make up tips that will give you a refreshed look and most importantly, can be done in 5 minutes! Here they are, hope they help.

Let’s talk tips and tricks.

Leave the cake in the bakery – Too much foundation always leads to an unnatural look and let’s face it, Halloween is only once a year for a reason.  Save the time you spend sponging on heavy foundation to lightly powder the oil zones on your face. Use a cover-up only when necessary, and don’t be afraid to let your own skin sparkle.

A face-lift without the recovery time – Apply a light blush on the apples of your cheeks. This will give more color to your face which sends the impression that you had more time than you needed for your morning makeup. When applying blush, start at the point where your hairline meets your ear and head horizontal. By avoiding a diagonal or downward blush stroke, your blush will be darker at the hairline creating a more youthful look.

No liner, no problem –Why not ditch the eye liner in a pinch and try this technique? Hold a credit card or business card just above your upper lashes and move the brush of your mascara back and forth at the roots. This helps to apply a layer of dark color at the lash line, thus ultimately eradicating the need for liner altogether.

It’s all about the eyes – Your eyes are the first thing people notice when they look at you. If you just woke up and have red-eye everyone will notice. Use simple eye drops on days you may have slept in to give your face a refreshed look. I promise this helps.

Pop the Lip – Keep calm and throw on lipstick. Girl tip #328, red or pink lips give an automatic beauty lift to your face.

Ditch the Brush in a Rush – We all want a soft touch when applying make-up. Your ring finger is the perfect tool because it’s the weakest digit. The stronger the digit you use, the more likely you are to apply too much or apply unevenly. So, I would rule out the middle finger immediately, especially if you’re still stuck in traffic.


Whether you are in a morning pinch or trying to keep it light , these tips and tricks are made for the on-the-go-girls still looking to turn some heads.

Share your favorite makeup tips with us! We would love to hear them

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