The Ass-Tastic Workout

Haven’t you ever wondered how A-list celebrities like Beyonce, Jessica Biel, and Eva Mendez achieve their perfectly toned tooshies? I know what a lot of you are thinking: crazy restrictive diets, secret “nip-and-tuck” procedures, intense sessions at the gym, or just good genes. But in reality, achieving a nicely sculpted butt a-la-Jennifer Lopez is easier than you may think… And with summer halfway through, we ladies know how important it is to have the perfect bikini butt that is ready for any lazy day on the beach!

So what’s the secret?

Quick and easy workout routines, of course! This may seem like a stretch, but when you combine exercise with healthy lifestyle habits (drinking lots of water, maintaining a well-balanced diet, etc.), you can get on your way to getting that celebrity butt you’ve always dreamed of! We’ve even compiled a list of simple tips/tricks from top celebrity Fitness Gurus that you can do at home or the gym to firm, tighten, and sculpt your behind.

1. Lots of Squats and Lunges – To strengthen and firm the glut muscles, J. LO’s personal trainer, Gunnar Peterson, recommends 20-25 repetitions of compound exercises like squats, plie squats, dumbbell squats, and static lunges. Best part of all, you can do these routines in 5 minutes or less!

2. The Brazil Butt Lift – For supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio’s Brazilian backside, fitness expert Leandro Carvalho swears by cardio in the form of Brazilian Zumba dance moves and lower-body exercises – like single leg or kickback squats. All will work to lift and tone the muscles of the gluteus maximus.


3. Tracey Anderson’s Tips – To tone down a larger bum, personal trainer to the stars, Tracey Anderson, endorses running or spinning to burn fat and flatten any “unsightly” areas. To bump up your bum, try sculpting exercises like leg lifts and side steps.

With these tips, you can construct a simple workout routine of your own and before you know it, you’ll have the perfect butt that will be the envy of any celebrity or beachgoer! Not to mention, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to flaunt it around in chic and flattering Brazilian-Cut Bikinis, like the Wild Thing Bikini by Luli Fama, the Bendito West by Agua Bendita (one of my personal favorites), or the Sahara Dream Bitsy by L*Space.

I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll head over to the gym now…


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