The Chic Cheek

Summer is right around the corner and the first thing on my agenda is getting a tan. I don’t know about the rest of you ladies but when I tan, I bare it all… well maybe not ALL.  This season Brazilian cut bottoms are the perfect way to bronze your backside without feeling exposed, I like to call it “The Chic Cheek”.  I’ve recommended this cheeky cut to several of my closest friends and not only do they have a barely there tan line, but the cut of the suits are flattering on almost any booty.

My favorite Brazilian bikinis so far are our solid Maya Braided or the Scrunched Bikini by Orchid Label. The string bottoms allow the suit to be adjustable so I get the perfect fit and it comes in almost every color.

If you have a narrow or hourglass shaped body I would definitely recommend the Maya Braided Bikini as your number one choice. Scrunched bikini bottoms are also a great way to bring definition to your lower half because they have ruched stitching in strategic places to help give emphasis right where you need it.

Incorporating a bold print will also accent your lovely lady lumps while frolicking in sand. A great string bottom print option would be our Sexy Thing Brazilian Bikini by Luli Fama.

Sexy and chic go hand in hand with these two bikinis.

For more Brazilian cut bikinis, visit our shop by bottoms category.


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