The Ed Hardy Swimwear show sizzled in the various catwalks at the Miami Swim Show while debuting their 2009 collection. Not only was their Fashion Show at the Raleigh Hotel so jam packed their own staff had to stand, but the shows at their humongous Miami Swim Show booths that ran twice a day had people clapping and cheering every time. We personally watched it twice and both times saw different and cooler things.

With their ever-expanding list of A-list celebrities wearing their sexy bikinis, including Britney Spears (she strutted several Ed Hardy pieces during her trip to Costa Rica w/ Mel Gibson), Denise Richards, Christina Millian, wannabe celebrity Heidi Montag, and HSM star Ashley Tisdale, the line continues to attract new audiences by the minute.

Their tattoo-inspired bikinis are hot and original. The designs exemplify the sexy rock-n-roll girl that likes to live on the edge. The Ed Hardy string bikinis and sexy one-pieces also come with rhinestone encrusted beads which give an extra pop to the sizzling swimwear line. Ed Hardy also has a couture line of swimsuits designed by Christian Audigier, which is sort of a Cavalli-inspired ode to sexy and elegant style. With the signature snake gold-tone rings and classy detail, Ed Hardy’s Audigier line caters to a sophisticated and couture-loving audience.

We had a chance to meet with Saul Judah, one of Ed Hardy’s owners and had a kick the whole time. Saul is a mile-a-minute business man whom exudes passion in his every word. His take-no-B.S.-attitude allows him to say what’s on his mind and show his genuine personality. LOVE him. He also has a photographic memory and remembers all buyers that send him emails.


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