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Elaine’s Mission
Elaine Turner is dedicated to creating an accessible luxury fashion experience that offers women the opportunity to escape life while feeling beautiful, empowered and happy all at the same time. Her beach handbags offer a chic yet elegant option for completing your beachwear look.

Elaine’s Story

In 2000, after having spent several years in New York City in fashion design and merchandising, Elaine Turner felt it was time to pursue her life-long dream of starting her own business. Elaine also perceived a void in the market for luxurious accessories at an accessible price point. Ultimately, this discovery encouraged her to launch her handbag business in 2000. Her intense love of fashion, and especially accessories, inspired her to design the Elaine Turner Handbags line, a collection that she felt would appeal to a woman with a sense of self. In 2008, the company launched shoes and continues to be a leader in the shoe and handbag market today.
Her Brand Personality

Kris Flamingo Tote

The Elaine Turner brand is conceptually driven each season by both a place that inspires us and a dazzling muse. It communicates a story of dreams, fantasy, travel and escapism. It is inspired by a destination aesthetic that integrates bold color and prints. This combination creates a fun, yet glamorous style that appeal to women of all ages.

Three questions for Elaine
Why the crown in your logo?
“The crown symbolizes how I want the Elaine Turner customer to feel wearing the bags. I want her to feel special, feminine, elegant, and empowered like a Queen.”
Why Bamboo?
“Bamboo is a karmic symbol that symbolizes strength and prosperity. It is a perfect icon for our products that already possess a tropical/destination aesthetic.”
Why hot pink as your signature color?
“It’s unexpected, feminine, fun, and just right!


Info about the 2011 Handbag collections
The golden time period of California in the 1950’s-60’s was their inspiration this season….envision Marilyn Monroe and Dean Martin spontaneously joining in song at the piano in a Richard Neutra designed mid-century modern home in Palm Springs. A “California Cool” vibe permeates throughout the collection. They set out to capture a mood of effortless style, relaxed elegance and casual cool.
Retro details, mod prints, rustic weaves and relaxed styling convey our message this season. Journey back in time with us!
The Napa Valley Collection
Their Honey and River Rock barrel weaves evoke the warm, earthy feeling of this northern California wine haven. This collection also includes their signature Champagne Leather and Cork pieces that are the perfect neutral accessory for strolling through sun kissed vineyards. Favorite Style: the Tammy Cork Tote.

The Malibu Collection
Bright flamingo pinks and pops of turquoise transport us to the shores of Malibu where the salty sea breeze and California sun rule. Have fun with their throwback mod print and classic basketweave styles. Favorite Style: the Terah Aqua Beach Bag and Terah Flamingo Bag.


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