Jackie Kennedy in pink, so elegant!

Here are The Orchid Boutique, we are (not so secretly) a little bit obsessed with fashion and style. One of our favorite style shows is Project Runway-who doesn’t love Tim Gunn’s worried face and Michael Kors’ one-liners? Last night’s episode challenged the designers to create an updated, modern look for Jacqueline Kennedy. Dolls, we were so excited! And inspired! What would Jackie O wear today? And more importantly what swimsuit would she don at the beach? A one-piece? A monokini? A scandalous brazilian cut?

Pink Sands High-Waisted by OndadeMar

It would have to be classic, of course. If anyone exudes timeless elegance, it’s the one and only Jackie O. She was known for her classic combination of black and white, but she definitely didn’t shy away from color either.

We’d put her in the Pink Sands High-Waisted by OndadeMar Swimwear. The high-waisted silhouette is demure, but alluring at the same time, and has a bit of a retro feel that perfectly invokes the era of this style icon.

What do you fashionistas think? What would Jackie O wear poolside in 2010? What other style icon would you love to dress up in swimwear?


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