The New and Improved One-Piece

We all have this dreadful picture in our minds of the sexy one-piece swimsuit. It’s ill-fitted with the frumpy old skirt, hideous floral print and sometimes paired with the matching flip-flops. However, please be advised ladies that the one-piece bathing suit is in fact fashion forward! The same one-piece that you begged mommy to throw away so you can wear that bikini has come full circle and is ripping the runways all over fashion capitals and much more.

You might remember in the 2008 release of Sex and the City the movie, on Carrie’s honeymoon turned four friend vacation, all the ladies- Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte were wearing one-piece bathing suits. For a fashion trend to be featured in the most highly anticipated fashionista films, one might say that a one-piece is the suit to have.

Many designers have shattered all notions of the traditional swimwear boutique bathing suits being for babies and older women- and replaced them with appearances in featured films and sexy reputations. Take for instance these two pieces swimsuits.


Both of these suits are complimenting to the figure with great detailing with the shirring and draping on one and the gold hardware accenting the hips and neck on the other.

Are you convinced now? Did you get rid of that awful image in your head and replace it with these two suits? If not, try all of our featured designer one-piece swimsuits here.

Ana Lopez

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