As a fashion lover, one of the greatest things about living in Miami is finding other people that are as passionate about it, if not more, as you are. We have a select group of fashion and lifestyle bloggers that search the city for hidden boutiques, find glamorous, fashion-inspired events and bring unique trend ideas to their audiences. Annie Vasquez, also known as The Fashion Poet, is one of the top bloggers in Miami to bring up-to-date fashion stories to her readers. And, frankly, we love her for it! We got down to the nitty-gritty in our recent interview with her, discussing everything from music to animal print.

Q:      What we love about some of your blog posts is that you create characters and write stories about them, while giving them their own personal style. Do you ever feel like a part of you is in these characters?

A:      The stories are all inspired by songs. I’m really into music from the 60s and 70s, but they do stem from my own personal experiences combined with those of women around me. Some bits are fictionalized, but for the most part it’s a reflection of the reality around me. 

Q:      What’s inspiring your everyday style these days?

A:      I’d say music and my mood dictates my dressing. I tend to integrate a lot of bohemian flair, mismatching or loud prints. 

Q:      Spring is around the corner and we’re so excited to be back to bright colors! What do you think your favorite spring trend will be?

A:      I’m gonna have to say the Great Gatsby trend. I’m a fan of Fitzgerald and I’m really excited for the flick and to integrate some of the 1920s staples like flapper dresses and those cool newspaper-boy caps and feathers. 

Q:      Quick: Animal print or fur?

A:      Both all the way. Animal print is so sexy and it makes an outfit pop. I love fur. I have some great vintage coats that are so amazing. I just bought myself this dreamy white coat for my birthday and can’t wait to wear it to New York Fashion Week.

Q:      Fashion bloggers in Miami are lucky because there is so much culture and there are amazing venues here. What has been your favorite place in Miami to have photo-shoot?

A:      I really loved the Everglades shoot especially shooting inside this gorgeous forest nearby. It’s so peaceful and serene. 

Q:      Who is your celebrity fashion icon?

A:      I like Nicole Richie, Diane von Furstenberg, Alexa Chung and Rihanna.

Q:      I noticed a lot of music quotes in your blog posts are from classic rock and roll artists. Do you think your love for music shines through your style?

A:      Absolutely, 100 percent. I’m really inspired by the style and music of the 60s and 70s. From the moment I was born, it’s what I was listening to because of my parents and I haven’t stopped since. Music was different then. It had soul and the lyrics spoke.

Q:      What inspired you to become a fashion blogger?

A:      I was frustrated that a lot of local shops and designers weren’t getting the press they rightly deserved. My friend Maria Arguello really encouraged me to create it.

Q:      We loved you in the Jenny Dress from L*space’s new apparel line, The Collection. Are there any other styles from that line that you have been eyeballing?

A:      Thank you! Well, actually, I’m wearing LSpace’s Adrianna maxi in the next post called “Black Magic Woman.” It’s so gorgeous. The Isabel dress, Oasis poncho and Sahara’s Dream poncho are other favorites. The line is really synonymous with my style… that’s for sure. 

Q:      What’s your favorite swimsuit trend: fringe bikinis, monokinis, or mixing and matching?

A:      Mixing and matching because I love playing with patterns and prints. It matches my style. I also love LSpace’s Maio Swim line. It’s amazing. 

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