From left: Alex, Sonja, Ramona, and Bethenny

It was all islands and bikinis in last week’s episode of the Real Housewives of New York City when Ramona decided to invite the girls to a brief getaway in St Johns. As soon as they got into their fabulous yacht called The Olga, Ramona proceeded to open her suitcase and pull out her 15 options of swimsuits that she had packed for a 4-day trip. Who can judge the gal? The woman is over 50 and still has a banging body. Our thoughts are echoed by Sonja Morgan – the new housewife introduced recently on the show – who reveals on her Bravo TV blog our initial speculation on Ramona’s luxury bikinis: they’re all Vix Swimwear.

Sonja’s Bravo TV blog, and their Vix Swimsuit love

Have we mentioned how much celebrities adore this brand? The truth is, the fit on these suits is flawless. They just fit snug and flattering on women of all figures. Not to mention the gold hardware detail, the finishes, the fabric… it’s what we live for! Just for kicks we’ve decided to pair each of the housewives with a Vix bikini from the 2010 collection – based on their personality and fashion style.

Here are our recommendations:

Recommended for Ramona: Glamour Ripple

Ramona – For a woman who likes to party in a bikini with pinot grigio in hand, a sexy little swimsuit is just what the doctor ordered. We see her in the Glamour Ripple & Brazilian Black bottom. The brazilian cut rear in this swimsuit is as flattering as it is sexy. And with Ramona’s renewal vows coming up shortly, she’s sure to need another beach outfit on her second honeymoon.

Kelly – For all the crazy idiosyncrasies this former-model-turned-Playboy-bunny has, she does look pretty hot. Even if she does not understand the meaning behind the “making lemons out of lemonade” adage. We see her in the Sun Ruffle Bikini by Vix. With her fabulous tanned skin, this bikini is sure to make her stand out. Thankfully this time for the right reasons.


Bethenny – For all the tongue in cheek comments and off the cuff sayings, Bethenny is a hot piece of bum. We’d love to see her in a sexy brazilian cut bottom, but based on her choice in swimwear on last week’s episode we’d pick the sophisticated Ana Bikini by Vix. With its nautical feel and chic braided strings, it sure to warrant a Bethenny pose.

Alex – We already know she likes teeny weeny bikinis (did you see her in St Barts last season?)… and we also know her husband, um, likes them too. So for Alex, we’d recommend the Santorini Bikini, also a string bikini by Vix. She has the body for a brazilian cut bottom, that’s for sure, and she could use the color.

Sonja – The crazy “Samantha Jones” of the bunch is oddly enough a bit self-conscious about her figure. Even though most of us can’t see why. She looks amazing and is quite attractive. However, given her delusions of a “pooch” in her lower abdomen, we’d recommend a sexy monokini by Vix. A perfect one for her is the Laura Monokini. This chic animal print swimsuit features snake-inspired print and a plunging neckline. The back of this suit looks exactly like a bikini, so it’d be perfect for sexiness with just the right amount of coverage.

Recommended for Sonja: Laura Monokini

There you have it Housewives! If you’re into Vix Swimwear get the newest styles here.


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