The Rib Drift: Get This Look

What happens when high waist bottoms and crop tops are joined to become fashion staples for the season?… I introduce to you the emergence of The Rib Drift. The rib drift also known as “mid-kini” is just a fun play on words for the area above your “mid drift” that exposes your upper rib cage area to create a slimming and super flattering silhouette. This season it’s all about the ribs.

High end designers across the runways have been promoting this peek-a-boo inspired look and I personally haven’t been able to get enough. This sexy snapshot of skin is just the right touch to leave viewers wanting more.  Not only does this sexy trend work for almost any body type, but it can be utilized for several clothing categories like skirts, dresses, pants, shorts and even bikinis!

If you’re insecure about showing off your mid-section, don’t be.  Like I said before, this look works on several body types. Above are some great rib drift looks from MAIO, Orchid Label and Tori Praver that will fit almost any silhouette. But don’t limit this look to just two-pieces, you can show off your rib section in a simple dress similar to our Lattice Strapless by Mara Hoffman.

For more rib drift styles check out our high waisted bikini section under the shop by bottom section on our site.


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