The SABZ Experience

One of the best parts about shopping at the Orchid Boutique is that you know you are buying top-of-the-line, and often one-of-a-kind, designer swimwear and resort wear pieces. What a lot of you may not know is that some of our exclusive brands are actually hand crafted, so you can bet your cute bottom that every stitch and intricate detail on your bikini has been a labor of love by expert hands. One of these very brands is SABZ, an elite Peruvian swimwear company that is headed by the fabulous duo, Sandra Delgado and Beatriz Salas. Not only do they sell their luxury pieces in stores across Peru, but they also have crossed international borders to sell exclusively to the Orchid Boutique! And here’s another secret ladies…SABZ manufactures Orchid Label, so your favorites – like the Pin Up Coral Bikini and the Summer Seafoam Monokini – have all been hand made in Peru!

As a fellow Peruvian, you can imagine my excitement when I was given the opportunity to visit the SABZ facilities, located in the beautiful city of Lima, on my recent trip to Peru. I made plans with Sandra, the head of SABZ’s financial division, to meet her in the morning to give me a quick tour of headquarters. This gave me the chance to get an up-close and personal peek into what a typical day at SABZ was like. And better yet, I get to show all of the photos I took with you!

The SABZ facility itself is so beautiful; just imagine a luxury boutique mixed with a modern, stylish corporate office (just minus the overcrowded cubicles and overly-stressed employees).

Once inside, I was greeted by Sandra, who was so sweet and kind for taking time out of her busy schedule to give me a one-on-one tour.  First, she showed me around the showroom where all of the current season’s swimwear pieces are on display. Yes, I was really tempted to try everything on, but I figured I would finish the tour first…

Did you know that SABZ has a shoe line and manufactures active wear? Love!!

After the showroom, I got to go where no shopper has gone before: the sewing room! Here, expert sewers meticulously construct every swimsuit by hand, putting their TLC into every stitch! I also got a peek into the different rooms that housed the uber supply of materials and high quality fabrics used for every SABZ suit. One of the best parts of this was that I got to see the fabrics used for our very own Orchid Label – as you could imagine, it was a sea of colors!

After the tour, I took some pics with Beatriz, the head of product design, and Sandra. Both are not only extremely talented and dedicated to their thriving business, but also incredibly nice! Keep up the amazing work ladies!

So there you have it girls,  an up-close look into SABZ. With exceptional quality and fabulous designs, SABZ is not only topping the swimwear charts in Peru, but also hitting it big in the US and across the globe! Next time you’re hitting up the beach, don’t forget to pick a SABZ suit! These handmade designs will surely make you the envy of any swimwear lover!


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